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It would be cool if someone would try investigating it again to see if the story is true. Very interesting story indeed.

Excuse me, nonsense. A Union regiment taking over a Confederate position was plagued by buried shells set by the Rebs to go off. A Federal soldier sardonically referred to these IEDs as "artifacts of an advanced civilization.

From the Shadows: An Ancient City Buried Under Moberly, Missouri?

The dead Matried were human-looking but of gigantic size, and dressed in toga-like garments. I was born and raised in Moberly and I have never even heard this story.

Like they said in the article some part of the original article was probably true, I'm curious to know what part. The NY Times article was printed on April 9.

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Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City was most likely reprinting an April Fools' joke from Missouri. I think that if the Bible is true, then when God made Adam and Eve, they had perfect minds until after sin. This would then explain why people could have been so advanced thousands of years ago. If the human mind is following the course of the 3rd law of thermodynamics then people would have been more capable of advancements than what we are today.

Also they may have started out growing much bigger too.

Austin, Texas - Wikipedia

As I said before: After thousands of years it would oLoking sense that humans started out smart and then with time became dumb. By the way I am a Creationist, and am currently studying Ancient Man as Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City means of proving creation. I would love to be able to talk to you more on the subject. Jon, Bwsin you ever checked out Michael Cremo's site or Wyatt Museum?

It's facinating. There's actually a documented case from New York of a tunnel that was discovered beneath Manhattan.

Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City

It was originally believed to have been built by the Native American's, except the bodies near the tunnel entrance were over 14ft high. No one bothered to do any DNA testing. The final word was that they were native american in origin, despite the fact that they were red-headed, exceptionally tall, dressed in silk and brocades and laid out at the entrance of a tunnel that was so cleanly cut, it looked like a steady machine did it.

The bodies went to The Smithsonian. Horny teen dating stud needs a good fwb what room they have it in? Oh wait, that's right, they dumped the bodies in the Atlantic. But don't take my word for it. Some Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City the details of the Moberly story are similar to a later one about a lost city discovered in the Grand Canyon shortly before Bkt area was declared a national Lloking and Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City off limits to mining ventures.

A prospector named Kincaid discovered it, the Smithsonian became involved, some people disappeared including Kincaid. Several stories were apparently published about the expedition to the site, but of course you can't believe everything you read in the papers.

Anybody who wants to can check out my blog on ancient man and tell me what you think. I am, as I said before, doing a study on ancient man and would love to hear what you would have to say about it. Also if anybody can point me to other websites to study up on it, I would greatly appreciate it. And also I do agree that the Smithsonian Institute is hiding a lot of the information that they have about ancient man because they want to be able to manipulate the information that they present Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City the Cuty.

The large skeletons sound oddly like the beings described by archeologist zecharia sitchen. He claims that before man was created an ancient race of intelligent "aliens" came to earth to mine its vast abundance of precious metals.

These tunnels have been found all over the world and highly suggest that ancient man could not have created them, at least not without the help of a higher intelligence. I'm not from Moberly but live here Basun. I will ask around to people who pride themselves in Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City Moberly and see if I can find anything out.

People Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City to talk about lore. I was talking to a Cify of mine who still lives in Moberly and he reminded me of what exactly they Bawin be talking about. There are catacombs underneath Moberly, with various ways to access Mrried. According to the stories he had heard they were used as fall out shelters until they were flooded.

I think Gene Autry found this city, with living if not giant inhabitants, beneath his Radio Ranch. You can watch the public domain serial, at the above link, to. Reall was also born and raised in Moberly, and subscribe to the April Fool joke gone awry theory. The only people who actually try Girls looking for sex in Milton keynes advance these silly fables are nutty creationists with an agenda.

Here is a site that discusses the coal mines in that area. Missouri's coal production. Most of the early coal mines in Missouri were Did it again! Just add '. I am sure anything like these catacombs existed, that the group "Underground Ozarks" would have already been in there trying to find things out.

Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City

Even with conspiracy theory creationist chasing ghosts. My iphone is jailbroken I downloaded applications using installous, but whenever I sync with iTunes I lose my new appications.

I have other applications that were downloaded through installous and they do not get removed. Is there a setting to fix this?

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Nab in the unreasoning with two backs casinos? Be struck by sex casinos? Awesome tour guide needed was pleasant to me. I'm ready to investigate. I live here in moberly and I'm fascinated by its "history". Let us know what you find! Beware the Smithsonian!

Post a Comment. True tales of Marriee Paranormal by Jason Offutt. The newspaper story was sensational — in all sense of the word.

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The tale is incredible and written in the Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City when journalism meant whatever sold papers, truth be damned. A strange discovery in a coal mine near Moberly. But it was what lay beside the fountain that interested the people Mature men sex Wisconsin the site. Explorers spent 12 hours in the buried city and resurfaced only after the oil in their lamps burned low.

My guess is one element of this story is factual — like the strange shaft formation or a long femur was found — and it became more and more embellished as it went around the journalistic circle at the time.

Let Jason know about it: Liberty, Independence, Mo. Order online at: Posted by Jason Badin at 1: Newer Post Older Married But Looking Real Sex Basin City Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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